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Taberoobies Training Pants

Tabby Trainers are quality handmade cloth training pants for your potty learning little one. Tabby Trainers are waterproof underwear with a very absorbent inner. They are made with a cotton velour inner for a soft feel against your little one’s skin, an absorbent triple cotton terry layer, and a waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) outer layer. The waist and leg bands are made with fold over elastic. For daytime or nighttime use, Tabby Trainers are able to hold a full 8 oz of liquid and so are effective during even the first stages of potty training when full accidents are imminent.  Much like cloth diapers, they can be used in or outside of the home. They can also be used as a swim diaper!

Small (12mo) waist: 12″ – 16″
leg: 8″ – 10″

Medium (2t) waist: 14″ – 18″
leg: 9″ – 11″

Large (3t) waist: 14″ – 20″
leg: 10″ – 13″

X-large (4t) waist: up to 22″
leg: up to 15″

Custom sizing available upon request.

To purchase Tabby Trainers, contact me to discuss size, print, colors, etc. If you have a favorite t shirt or another fabric, I can also make trainers from materials you ship to me.

What Others are saying about us!

“I have purchased over a dozen Tabby Trainers from Taberoobies and let me say they are AMAZING!!! They are really absorbent and very soft inside. They are well made and you can tell that time and care was taken. The Fold over elastic was well sewn (often times if the FOE isn’t sewn right if frays) and the prints are super cute. My son who is 5 and is still having accidents really loves his undies because they are fun just like regular undies. He actually got sad when he grew out of his original trainers and I had to rush to order 5 new ones! I love the customer service and prompt delivery!!! YEAH FOR Tabbies!”

 Lauren Rabb, Kentucky


“Purchased Tabbytrainers when my son was 16 months old! They have worked wonderfully, I love using them! The outside protective layer is waterproof! So even though the inside of the trainer is wet enough for your child to notice, I am usually able to still keep him in the same pants. He is almost completely done training 2 weeks before he turns 2. I can easily say I think it helped that he was able to feel when he was wet as opposed to disposable trainers that still absorb like diapers. I LOVE TABBYTRAINERS!!! And its a nice option that you can pretty much get any pattern you like!”

Danielle Hainey, Indiana


“I love the trainers. Our went above and beyond to get the fabric we wanted. She loves the princes and tinker bell. They held up beautifully and worked perfect. I will be saving them for my younger daughter! Thank you!!”

Tammie Balestreri, California

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