Taberoobies Quality

May 3, 2013 in Welcome

Trainer Pants Quality

No More Leaks in a pull-up!!!
Our trainers have the absorbency and protection from leaks of a diaper without the bulk and with the ability to pull up like underwear.

Made with the best materials.
The outer layer is the only synthetic material.

In the Inside – They are made with a cotton velour inner layer to allow the child to feel wet when they have an accident, the inner soaker layer is a triple dose of cotton terry fabric sewn into the cotton velour.

On the Outside – A polyurethane laminate is used as the wetness barrier. The elastic around the waist and legs of the trainers is called fold over elastic. I have a large variety of prints and do custom orders as well.

Tag Out!
The tag is on the outside, right where that irritating bugger belongs!  Not rubbing on your child’s tender skin.

It always fits until it hits the washer.  Our trainers continue to fit after you wash them.  Imagine that, cloths designed to be washed.  What a concept :)

We have it, and so will your child.

Made in the U.S.A.
Make no exception here. Liberty, Justice and Quality for all. We pour our heart into every pair.

Not a Huge Corp.
Your purchase goes to us.  By us I mean my family.  Just our family, the people that hand make these superior quality trainers specifically for you.  Your purchase helps our family survive and allows me to continue to make these fine trainers for your children.

Nothing Beats Custom.
Ever have those pants that just don’t fit right? That awkward shirt you hate? Toddlers can be unhappy too. We offer custom sizes for an additional fee. You give us their measurements and we make it happen. NOTE: We also do special orders for our clients that have special needs.  Not everyone grows out of the need for trainers right away and we are here to help you take proper care of them.