Taberoobies is Born

May 3, 2013 in Welcome


My name is Melissa and I am the wife of a wonderful and supportive husband, Jason, and mother to two precious daughters, Tabitha (3) and Leah (1).  I love to sew and be creative.  The reason I got into making training pants is because my daughter was ready to begin potty learning and I tried everywhere to find underwear small enough to fit my 18 month old preemie.  I was unsuccessful. I bought her 2t training pants which would not stay up on her for even a second, they went straight to the floor.  I cut them up and resewed them to make them smaller, I was still not pleased with the lack of leakage protection.  I wanted a pull-up but like cloth underwear.  That’s when I decided to make my own cloth trainers.  I developed a pattern, played around with sizing, and tested my product.  Hence, Taberoobies was born.  By the end of 2012 I had made and sold over 100 trainers all over the United States and even up to Canada!  I look forward to continuing to grow my business and help toddlers everywhere with their potty learning accessories :)